Sunday 26 January


Begimay Abdysamatova


Abdysamatova Begimay is a singer from Kyrgyzstan. She performs covers of ballads, r&b, pop and classical crossover songs in English, French, Russian and Kyrgyz languages. The biggest dream for her is to bring feelings and inspiration to people with her voice and singing. Her biggest inspirations are Whitney Houston, Lara Fabian, Celine Dion and Adele.


Instagram: @begimay.abdysamatova

Monday 27 January


Nasser Firoz


Instagram: @mr.nasser001


Tuesday 28 January


Shabi Ali


Shabi is a singer/songwriter and producer based in Dubai. He has been writing since the age of 7 when he first got his keyboard as a birthday gift by his father. His main genre is pop/rock. Shabi’s debut single is “ Astronaut’s Wife “


Instagram: @Shabyali

Wednesday 29 January



Avrill is a singer/songwriter based in Dubai. Music has always  been my passion ever since a child.  play various Instruments like the cello. It's a God given talent that  wanna share to people so  could also bless people through my music." 


Wednesday 29 January


Amin Joumah


Amin Joumah, better known by his stage name “Reazon”, is an 18 year-old Brazilian-Jordanian born rapper living in Dubai. Currently, he is a university student. At a young age, he started listening to rap music and soon developed a strong passion for it. Rappers such as Eminem, J-Cole, and Joyner Lucas inspire his music style and share the same tastes as him.  


Growing up in the United Arab Emirates, the music scene was always changing, yet he always seemed to abide by rap. His biggest inspirations to start writing and rapping are none other than J-Cole, Eminem, Logic, Joyner Lucas, and Kendrick Lamar. In mid 2018, he began releasing his own music which is now available for download on any musical platform. At first, he released covers/remixes of songs such as ‘Treasure Chest’, and ‘Goin’ Up’; however towards the end of 2018 on December 12th, he released his first ever EP titled “In Retrospect” which consists of three original songs (Greatest, Invisible, & Well Aware) and a freestyle (Booth Freestyle). This EP was followed by the very recent release titled 'true to self'. Comprising of 6 tracks and available on all streaming platforms.He’s performed at events in Dubai such as the Originals and Live on The Lawns. He also performed in the first installment of 'On The List' in Al Ain.  Aside from performing, he’s also had radio sessions with Wasta Radio, GMS, and DubaiEye FM.  

Rap is not Reazon's only passion as he is also a multi-instrumentalist with skills in playing guitar, piano, drums, music production, beatmaking, and more.  


Reazon has many surprises in store for his listeners in 2020; he will be releasing more official music videos, performing at different venues, and collaborating with other up and coming artists who suit his particular music style and share his vision and taste; stay tuned for more.


Instagram: @reazon18

Friday 31 January


Abdullah Muhammad

I am 24 years of age. Originally from Pakistan, but residing in the UAE. My stage name is 'Souldier'.  I consider myself an artist as I write poetry and make music. Being a guitarist and being blessed with the gift of singing has taught me to use these gifts wisely. A medium being used to spread good into the world, as I dream of a day where love wins over the world. Just like the slogan of Souldier goes 'On the wings of love'.


To stay updated with Souldier's journey., You can follow me on instagram @souldier.theartist


Instagram: @souldier.theartist

Saturday 1 February


Mohammed bafoory

BAFOOORY is an Emirati Rock band who plays original Rock music from the 2 albums they released and with their lyrics material and heavy melodic riffs they have taking the UAE music scene by storm.


Instagram: @bafoory

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