16 January at 11am & 4pm; 18, 20, 22 & 23 Jan from 4pm

16 to 29 January at 8pm; 19 to 29 from 10am (excl. 24th)

Have you ever met someone who doesn't like BUBBLES?

Everybody loves Bubbles. Especially Adults. Imagine a whole Bubble universe! Maxwell the Bubbleologist, international entertainer, based in London will show you bubbles like you have never seen before! Be prepared to be mesmerised as he puts tornadoes, cubes, bubbles, people and fire INSIDE A BUBBLE. (not at the same time)!

Maxwell the Bubbleologist fuses science and art together seamlessly, to bring the happy inner child out, of anyone, who gazes, at the iridescent spheres. The show is a sensory experience for the eyes, a streak of inspiration and fascination, for the mind and a nourishing breath of joy for the soul.