Thelmo Parole

Find the Fringe

The Fringe on the Streets brings performance outdoors! Shows will run from 2.30pm to 11pm daily on eight ‘pitches’ on the walkway between Al Noor, Al Majaz and Al Qasba – bringing you just over 300 hours of family entertainment.


Peter Mielniczek

Something for the hat

In a first for the region, the Sharjah Fringe includes the tradition of ‘hatting’. Audience members will be able to interact with performers and show their appreciation by tipping the artists directly. For hundreds of years, traveling performers have brought their skills and comedy from city to city, sharing magical and hilarious moments, and citizens have presented monetary gifts at the end of each show.

Dynamike from Canada

Who's on the street?

Catch the very best international performers on the streets between 2.30pm and 11pm every day during the Sharjah Fringe Festival.

16 to 24 January 2020

Magic Brian (USA), Dino Lampa (Italy), Mr Copini (Chile), Mencho Sosa (Argentina), Paul Nathan (USA), Dan The Hat (UK), Billy Kidd (Canada), Otto Bassotto (Italy), Katay Santos (Venezuela), Jp Koala (Australia), Street Coffeee (Italy), Ey Pacha (Argentina), Unstable Acts (UK), Able Mable (UK), Stickman (Canada)

25 January to 1 February 2020

The TNT Show (Spain), Hero San (Japan), Thelmo Parole (Spain), Hugo Miro (Spain), Plated Spin (UK), Kalabazi (Brazil), Chimichurri (Spain), Mauranga (Spain), Dynamike (Canada), Todd Various (Argentina), Mr Tortuffo (Chile), Atari Show (Argentina), Herbie Treehead (UK), Maple Staplegun (Australia)