Where to find the Fringe

Enjoy Fringe performances at three key destinations in the emirate – the Al Majaz Waterfront, Al Qasba and Al Noor Island. These Shurooq destinations are host to more than 60 artists from the UAE and around the world, presenting street and circus acts, theatre, dance, music and other interactive entertainment to delight all ages.

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Al Noor Island

Al Noor Island

Al Noor Island is a botanical garden with a butterfly breeding facility on Lake Khalid. The island has a network of wooden walkways that link the various habitats of the garden. There is a covered informal seating area and an open play ground. Check the programme listing to see if your show is in a seated area or involves a tour around the gardens.

The Al Majaz Waterfront at night

Al Majaz Waterfront

There are two Fringe venues at the Al Majaz Waterfront.

Al Majaz West Events Circle Theatre

  • Capacity: 420 seats
  • Address: Al Majaz Water Front – Sharjah
  • GPS: 25.325816, 55.387952
  • Wheelchair accessible

West Events Circle Theatre is a temporary theatre at the Al Majaz Waterfront. The fully enclosed tent has climate control. It is located next to the Al Taqwa Mosque. The venue has a box office and ablution facilities.

Al Majaz East Events Circle Theatre

The venue is in the heart of the recreation area of Al Majaz Park in the paved and shaded area between the miniature golf course and the water park. The venue is open air underneath a shaded structure. The venue has a box office and ablution facilities.

Al Qasba

Al Qasba

There are two Sharjah Fringe Festival venues at Al Qasba.

Al Qasba 1 – Masrah Theatre

The Masrah Al Qasba Theatre is a permanent venue situated on the second floor of the Al Qasba shopping complex. The auditorium is climate controlled.

Al Qasba Outdoor Theatre

  • Capacity: 276 seats
  • Address: Al Khan Corniche Street Qanat - Sharjah
  • GPS: 25.322369, 55.375111
  • Wheelchair accessible

Al Qasba Outdoor is a temporary venue. It is located on the banks of the Al Qasba canal. It is an open air venue under a roof structure and is not climate controlled. You'll find the main Fringe festival information point and box office here.